Basic Principles

The Five Elements Theory

The Five elements (Pancha maha bhoothas) : The ‘purusha’ or human being as any other living being is composed of five basic factors(five proto basic factors/elements ) earth, air, fire, water and ether(space). This theory is called ‘Pancha maha bhootha theory’.

Just as an atom, a chemical element has no free independent existence so also the five forces in their pure state are never found in nature and what we find are the compounds of the five bhoothas, mixed together in different proportions ie., to say, all gross matter is ‘Pancha maha bhoothas’.

(Note: The bhoothas cannot be traslated into an atom or molecule or paramanu)

Prakrithi and Purusha

In Ayurveda ‘Prakrithi’ is the term given for existence in the unmanifested form from which evolves ‘Purushas’ or humanbeing or the manifested form of existence of nature.

Three Great Cosmic Forces & Three Humour Theory

According to the ancient seers there are three great cosmic forces of existence. First is the principle of energy that sets everything into motion or movement The second is the principle of energy of light or radiance that which undergoes transformation and emits light and heat The third of these forces is the principle of cohesion or force of affinity that which is responsible for all manifestations.

These three primary life forces are manifested in the body as biological humours. they are as follows.

  • Vata-that which controls movement
  • Pitta-that which controls metabolism
  • Kapha-That which controls structure

The balance or equilibrium of the humours makes one healthy while imbalance gives sickness.