body type diets

How to choose the right body type diet ?

  • Choose the diet that balance your dominant doshas
  • Get an advice from a specialist also
  • Make certain modifications in your basic diet according to changes in seasons.

Vata pacifying diet

  • Favour warm food, salt, sour and sweet taste, moderately heavy textures
  • Favour vegetables likebeets ,carrots,cucumbers,greenbeans,okra,sweetpotatoes,onions,garlic
  • Favour fruits likebananas,grapes,dates,apricots,cherries,mangoes,melons,plums,peaches
  • Favour oats,rice and wheat
  • Favour seafood and chicken
  • All oils are acceptable specially sesame oil
  • Nuts are good for vata people specially almonds
  • Spices like cumin,asafetida,blackpepper,basil are all good in moderate amounts
  • Avoid vegetables like broccoli,cabbage,eggplant,leafy vegetables,potatoes,tomatoes,peas,zucchini
  • Avoid or reduce fruits like apples,pomergranates, cranberries,dried fruits in general
  • Avoid corn, buckwheat,rye,dry oats,millet etc
  • Avoid red meat
  • Avoid all peas except mung dal
  • Reduce the usage of all spices
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Pitta pacifying diet

  • Favour cool or warm,bitter, sweet and astringent tastes,less butter and added fat
  • Favour vegetables like cabbage, celery, asparagus, broccoli, leafyvegetables, lettuce, mushrooms, peas , potatoes, cauliflower etc
  • Favour fruits like apples,melons,oranges,pears, pineapples,prunes,raisins,plums etc
  • Favour grains like barley,oats and dairy products like milk and butter
  • Favour eggwhites,chicken and shrimp
  • Favour mung beans,coconut and in oils olive oil
  • Favour spices like coriander seeds,turmeric,cardamom,fennel etc
  • Avoid vegetables like beets,carrots,eggplant,garlic,peppers,onions,spinach ,tomatoes,raddish
  • Avoid fruits like cherries,grapefruit,cranberries,papayas,grengrapes,oranges,
  • Avoid brownrice,millet,rye and corn
  • Reduce buttermilk,yoghurt,sourcream,cheese etc
  • Avoid or reduce redmeat and seafood in general
  • Avoid lentils, corn and sawflower oil
  • All sweeteners are acceptable except honey and molasses
  • Reduce or avoid sour salad dressins,sauces,spicy condiments,vinegar,pickles etc
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Kapha pacifying diets

  • Favour warm light food, dry and cooked without much water, minimum of butter ,oil and sugar, favour bitter and astringent tastes
  • Favour vegetables like asparagus, beets, Lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, eggplant, leafy vegetables, potatoes, carrots, spinach, peppers etc
  • Favour fruits like apples, pears, pomegranates, apricots, cranberries and dried fruits in general.
  • Favour grains like barley, buck wheat, corn, rye, millet etc..
  • Favour dairy products like milk, eggs, chicken, shrimp
  • Favour almonds, corn, sun flower oils, sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Ginger is the best spice for improving digestion
  • Avoid seeds and juicy vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, sweet potatoes etc.
  • Avoid fruits like mangos, banana, dates, grapes, pineapple, plumps, peaches, oranges, papaya etc.
  • Reduce grains like oats, rice and wheat,
  • Avoid red-meat and sea food in general.
  • Avoid or reduce salt intake
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How to live in tune with nature/ To improve the quality of your life

In Ayurveda living in tune with nature is something very precise-having healthy desire that match your actual needs. As long as your needs and desires match, you are living in tune with nature. For example your food should taste delicious for you at the same time it should be nutritious.

Everyone has the right to expose himself to any kind of influence he wants but the physician’s role is to warn against those influences that damage our well being. Satva exists in all of us as our instinct for balance, our life enhancing attitudes, our innate dignity and respect for others, and our love. As you increase in Satva, you move in the direction of higher evolution. Then the phrase living in tune with nature reveals its meaning.

Few tips for improving the quality of your life

  • Wake with the sun everyday in the morning for high energy levels
  • Be pleasant and tolerant towards everyone
  • Take time everyday for relaxation
  • Act on due reflection, not impulsive or precisely be proactive not reactive
  • Refrain from mental poisons like anger, jealousy, criticism, lying etc
  • Be generous with others in everyway
  • Avoid violent, crude or shocking books or other forms of entertainment (According to Ayurveda the sight of violence get translated to unhealthy impulses in our cells that can ultimately lead to psychological imbalances.)
  • Avoid negative emotions and people
  • Keep relationships healthy and loving
  • Have moderate exercises daily
  • Eat light and natural foods
  • Sip warm water with your meal
  • Never eat when you are upset
  • Avoid ice cold drink and food
  • Don’t talk while chewing food
  • Always sit-down to eat
  • Eat in a settled atmosphere
  • Minimise raw foods, cooked foods digest easily
  • Experience all the six tastes in every meal
  • During each meal leave a quarter of your stomach for digestion