Know your Body & mind type

know your body type

Know your Body Type

Everyone has essentially the same kind of cells and organs, despite huge variations from one personality to another. Ayurveda believes that what makes us different from each other is the mind body type of ours. Each and every human being has a unique mind body type associated with a proportionate difference of thridoshas- vata, pitta and kapha.

our body type never change, we are born with it. But the doshas are in constant flux which makes changes in the dosha level of the body ie., aggravation or depletion of doshas happens when exposed to environmental changes, ingestion of food or when there is a stressful event etc. Even doshas changes diurnally.

Determining your body type
Although there are only three doshas, ayurveda combines them in ten different ways to arrive at ten different body types.

Vata Types

  • Thin Build
  • Tall by nature
  • Dry Skin
  • Brisk walk
  • Light sleepness
  • Highly enthusiastic
  • Creative
  • Very Excitable
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular appetite and digestion
  • Easily exhausted
  • Tendency to worry and anxious
  • Usually constipated
  • Aversion to cold

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Pitta Types

  • Medium Build
  • Medium Strength
  • Early graying or balding
  • Thin fine blond hair
  • Sharp Intellelect
  • Strong Hunger,thirst and Digestion
  • Don’t tolerate hot and spicy foods
  • Perspire more
  • Easily get angry and irritable
  • Very organised, precise speech
  • Selfish by nature
  • Regular bowel habits or more common loose stools
  • Aversion to heat and sun

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Kapha Type

  • Large, solid body build
  • Calm, Slow and relaxed
  • Strong by nature
  • Gain weight more weight than other people
  • Steady energy
  • Slow graceful action
  • Smooth soft oily skin
  • Heavy sleeper
  • Slow appetite and digestion
  • Affectionate, loving and forgiving
  • Slow gait
  • Thick dark, wavy hair
  • Tendency towards excess mucus, phlegm, Chronic congestion, Sinus problem etc.
  • Aversion to cold and damp weather

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If one dosha is higher than others, you are a single dosha type. If no dosha is extremely dominant, you are a true dosha type. Most people are two dosha types. If the three doshas qualities are almost equal in your body you are a tri-dosha type. However this is a very rare combination.

Know your Mind Type
Mental and spiritual disposition


  • Sattvic (Harmonious) Energetic, adaptable, flexible, good in communication, strong healing energy, true enthusiasm, positive spirit, ability to initiate etc
  • Rajasic (Disturbed) Unreliable, hyperactive, agitated, restless, disturbed, anxious, over talkative, noisy
  • Tamasic (Darkened) Fearful, dishonest, self-destructive, drug addition, prone to sexual perversion, suicidal

Pitta (Fiery) Type

  • Sattvic (Harmonious) Intelligent, clear, friendly, perceptive, enlightened, goodwill, courageous, warm etc
  • Rajasic (Disturbed) Impulsive, ambitious, aggressive, critical, dominating, proud, manipulating, angry etc..
  • Tamasic (Darkened) Hateful, psychopath, criminal, destructive etc..

Kapha (Watery) type

  • Sattvic (Harmonious) Calm, peaceful, stable, loyal, loving, compassionate, forgiving, nurturing, supportive and strong.
  • Rajasic (Disturbed) Controlling, greedy, attached, sentimental, seeking comfort and luxury, needing security etc..
  • Tamasic (Darkened) Dull, lethargic, slow comprehension, insensitive, thief etc